Stephanie Howell and Ted Samaras


Learning in Disguise - Resources and Techniques for Engaging All Learners


About Stephanie

Stephanie has been in education since 2014. Stephanie has spoken at conferences around the globe and her most recent achievements are being apart of the team named ISTE’s Distinguished District, WOSU Leadership Award, a Google Innovator, and PLSD’s Innovative Leader award. Stephanie is one of the founding members of Global GEG and Gold EDU. Stephanie has a masters in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership.

About Ted

Ted Samaras is an Instructional Technology Coach in Franklin Township Public Schools (Somerset, NJ). He is a Google for Education Trainer and Innovator, co-leader for GEG New Jersey and mentor for GEG Taiwan and Google’s Innovator program. Ted is also an Apple Learning Coach and NASA Solar System Ambassador.


Learning in Disguise - Resources and Techniques for Engaging All Learners

Learning can take place at any time without even realizing it. In fact, you might say that you are “Learning in Disguise”! Looking at ways to engage learners of all ages in a variety of ways and building a rapport with your learners are major building blocks of instructional coaching and the resources and techniques that we will discuss will provide great scaffolding for this topic! In our session, we will look at different models and ideas for learning in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way. We will also discuss topics such as game-based learning, interactive learning, curious learning, and surprises and delights, as well as examine choice learning, and learning through different modalities. Don’t forget that learning is not just for students in our buildings. We are all life-long learners! The techniques and resources discussed can be applied to adult learners and are great for coaching cycles, team and grade level meetings, and presentations for teachers as well. As you use these resources with your teachers, you open the door for discussion about how they can use them in their own classrooms too! During the presentation, we will model some resources that can be used in various subjects such as Guess Who, Failed It or Nailed It, Guess the Year, Using the 5 E’s, and Power Ups. All of our resources will be shared on our websites as well. This modeling will help instructional coaches with the instructional execution of their plans and content and will provide them with different ways of thinking about how to encourage learners to take ownership of their own learning.

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