About Sam

Samantha is an Instructional Coach in Round Rock ISD in Round Rock, Texas. Samantha is currently supporting & coaching educators in grade levels Pre-Kindergarten to 5th grade. Samantha has been an instructional coach for 4 years and has a strong desire to support the learning of fellow coaches as they navigate through their journey to become the best version of their coaching self! Samantha is the owner and founder of a digital tracking & organization system for instructional coaches called Your Coaches Corner. Her digital platform was developed as a tool to support coaches as they track & organize their coaching work & coaching cycles, providing them with qualitative data to inform their coaching practice. Samantha is also an aspiring author who hopes to have a children’s book and coaching book published soon!

Session Presentation

Title: The 4 Seasons of Coaching: Secrets to a Coaching Culture

Participants will gain an awareness & an ability to determine which ‘season’ their coaching is in based on its challenges, successes, and characteristics. Participants will walk away with the understanding that the ‘seasons of coaching’ within their campus can move from one season to another; with the coaching of teachers being strong and blossoming to teachers not even being interested in coaching at various times of the school year. Participants will gain practical strategies to help them strengthen their campuses coaching culture.

Coaches will be prompted to brainstorm words, feelings, and ideas that come to mind when they think of a different season of the year. From there they will think back to past times of the year when coaching felt the same. What was coaching like at that time or during that season? How were teachers feeling? What were teachers needing? What are coach-like learning strategies that they can engage their teachers in, based on the given characteristics to take advantage of this time. Coaches will create a tool to help them think back on these ideas later, allowing them to return to the 2022-2023 school year with ideas to help them not remain stuck when authentic coaching isn't occurring.

The information shared in this session supports the issues of low coaching morale and coaching retention. While working in the school setting, you hear many teachers and coaches expressing that they plan to not return during the next school year. Many coaches speak about how they aren't able to coach their teachers because teachers aren't reaching out or feel a coach is useful. Many coaches want to return to the classroom to feel connected and as if they have a purpose. This session can affirm coaches in that they are needed and that even if teachers don't want to engage in an authentic coaching cycle, they can still support them in some capacity based on the season's characteristics. My hope is this session will reassure coaches of their value and bring back the love of coaching that many have lost since the pandemic.