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From Teacher to Coach: Introducing Instructional Coaching to a New School

About Rebecca Bielawski

Rebecca Bielawski is a teacher, instructional coach, and enthusiastic sports mom. I have a passion for reading and writing and love to incorporate tech and design into every lesson. Amid the daily hustle, I'm always up for an adventure with my husband, daughters, and a slew of pets.


From Teacher to Coach: Introducing Instructional Coaching to a New School

Come along on my journey, “From Teacher to Coach: Introducing Instructional Coaching at a New School,” where I’ll explain how I made the shift from a middle school teacher to a K-4 instructional coach a success. Learn practical strategies that proved instrumental in successfully introducing instructional coaching to a new school. Discover the importance of relationship-building before expecting teachers to embrace coaching, emphasizing visibility and involvement in the school community. Explore supportive roles beyond coaching, such as contributing to events and providing non-coaching assistance, as effective means of connection. Uncover diverse communication strategies, from videos and websites to newsletters and themed bulletin boards, to effectively introduce instructional coaching. Delve into approaches for increasing teachers' capacity through tailored professional development, coaching cycles, and collaborative initiatives. Understand the significance of collaboration with other coaches, participating in professional networks, and seeking support from experienced colleagues. Gain guidance on initiating coaching cycles, getting teachers on board, and embracing a reciprocal learning approach. Discover strategies for celebrating and recognizing teachers' efforts, fostering a positive coaching culture. I’ll share insights on overcoming challenges and adapting to a new role and school culture. You’ll be able to reflect on your instructional coaching context and create action plans for implementing relationship-building strategies in your schools. This session is designed for instructional coaches, administrators, and educators looking to implement or enhance instructional coaching, this session promises practical takeaways for a successful coaching introduction.

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