R. Erin Comninaki


Building Your Instructional Playbook

About R. Erin Comninaki

R. Erin Comninaki, a dedicated special education teacher with 20 years of experience, is passionate about supporting teachers with instructional strategies, technology-rich curricula, and inclusive practices. She has delivered presentations on student-centered learning, UDL, coaching, and tech integration at renowned conferences like ISTE, VSTE, VASCD, and TCEA. Currently teaching in Lynchburg, Virginia, after 11 years in NYC and four as an instructional technology coach, Erin actively encourages educators to make student-centered choices to enhance classroom experiences.


Building Your Instructional Playbook

Join us in this session as we explore a cornerstone of coaching--crafting a practical instructional playbook tailored to support K-12 teachers. In alignment with the summit's theme, "The Building Blocks of Coaching," this session will provide you with a structured framework and resources to use in your interactions with teachers. Discover the potential of instructional playbooks as an indispensable tool for coaches. Gain insights into their role in guiding teachers in selecting high-impact instructional strategies, aligning lesson activities with precise learning objectives, and nurturing critical thinking through thought-provoking teacher questions.

Throughout this session, we will explore real-world examples and practical strategies, drawing from my experience transitioning from a coach to a full-time teacher. Session participants will grasp how an instructional playbook can elevate instructional execution and how classroom teachers can use the playbook when considering lesson design.

By the session's end, you will understand how instructional playbooks can shape coaching practices, empower teachers to excel in their classrooms, and be ready to hit the ground running with finished examples and ready-to-use templates. Whether you're a seasoned coach seeking to refine your approach or a teacher aspiring to integrate these powerful tools, this session equips you with essential building blocks for coaching success.

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