Nicka Flint


Problem-Solving and Decision-Making for Instructional Coaches

About Nicka

Nicka Flint, an esteemed educator, holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Georgia, a Master's degree in Education from Georgia State University, and an Educational Specialist degree in Leadership from Columbus State University. With 14 years in education and five years as an instructional coach, Mrs. Flint has demonstrated a commitment to classroom excellence and educational leadership. Renowned for expertise in language arts and coaching methodologies, She has presented at school, district, and national levels, contributing significantly to advancing best practices in education.


Problem-Solving and Decision-Making for Instructional Coaches

This session is designed to equip instructional coaches with the essential skills needed to adeptly guide others through the challenges inherent in the academic landscape. Participants will engage in an immersive exploration of effective coaching strategies, problem-solving processes, and the cultivation of impactful coaching conversations.

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