About Naomi

I am passionate about setting students up for success in the future. I believe that for better or worse, educators make decisions every day and every year that will change students’ lives. I teach students and educators to teach as it matters because it does. I believe in pouring into students and helping them to tap uncover and develop gifts and skills that no one can take away from them so that they can grow up and truly change the world. I am an educator, content creator, and author from Orlando, FL with over 10 years of experience in the classroom. I have taught PreK-5 in a variety of roles, but most of my time was spent in the K-2 grade levels. She has Early Elementary, ESOL, and Gifted and Talented endorsements. My role as the gifted teacher and having a gifted child, helped me grow as an educator. This important aspect is always considered when I am creating or presenting. Naomi prides herself on building cultural connections with her students and their families and using research-based practices to provide quality education to students.

Session Presentation

Title: Best Practices for Teaching Reading

Getting students ready to read using phonological awareness is a critical and needed component to any reading block. There are phonological awareness skills all teachers should be working on to help prepare their students to become successful readers. Research tells us that children do not learn to read naturally. Join Naomi as she shares tips and tricks and digs into how to be intentional with your coaching around reading instruction so you can ensure your teachers and their students have the best chance at becoming strong readers.