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Agreement as the Key to Effective Coaching


About Michael

Michael Sonbert is a bestselling author, speaker, performance coach, educator, endurance athlete, autism dad, and the founder and CEO of Skyrocket Education and Rebel Culture. He's turned his passion for educational reform into a global call to action for educational and corporate leadership transformation. Michael has dedicated the past 20 years to coaching and partnering with leaders from public, charter, and faith-based schools to Fortune 500 companies. He's committed to helping leaders grow thriving, impactful, purposeful teams. He's the author of Skyrocket Your Teacher Coaching and Rebel Culture, and his leadership philosophies are currently being taught in a graduate course at the University of Notre Dame's leadership program. Partners include Google, Hormel Foods, Northwell Health Systems, and Paul Mitchell Schools. Currently living in New York with his wife and three children, he sits on the board of the Autism non-profit organization, Families for Inclusion.



Agreement as the Key to Effective Coaching

In this fast-paced, actionable session, Michael Sonbert will share strategies for both creating agreement in a coaching relationship as well as around best instructional practices. Oftentimes, coaches and teachers aren't on the same page around things like what coaching meetings will entail, what they're both responsible for, and what they're trying to accomplish together. This lack of clarity can lead to frustration and inaction, which harms the relationship and stalls progress. Without agreement, even the most skilled coaches can struggle. This session will allow for coaches to feel more confident naming the things that matter and garnering buy-in around them. 


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