About Lori

I currently serve as a district literacy specialist and staff developer. Before my current role, I served as a literacy coach for five years. Prior to coaching, I taught kindergarten, first grade and fourth grade. I am a National Board Certified Teacher and hold a doctor of education degree in instructional leadership. My passion is growing teachers!

For me, being a teacher-teacher is a dream job. I have the opportunity to grow teachers through graduate courses for several South Carolina colleges. In addition, through my consulting business, Level Up Literacy, I am able to grow even more teachers through on-site professional development or custom digital courses.

Level Up Literacy is more than just my business, it’s my philosophy. I believe everyone grows best by growing level-by-level, one small step at a time. I believe students and teachers alike excel and truly transfer learning when it’s presented in small bits and pieces.There is always room to level up your teaching craft and I can help!

Session Presentation

Title: Un-Professional Learning

As a coach, we know the single most important factor in students' success is skillful, informed teaching. As a coach, we have a drive for growing teachers through professional learning. As a coach, we know that teachers are overloaded and traditional professional learning may be just too much.

The solution to our dilemma is "Un-Professional Learning". We can rethink the way we deliver professional learning by making it small, quick and fun. In this session, a menu of un-professional learning ideas will be shared. Professional learning can continue, if we revise our delivery methods and sprinkle it with a little creativity.