About Linda

Linda Rhyne is the owner of Linda Rhyne Consulting, a company focused on helping teachers and leaders connect research to practice in a safe & supportive environment. Linda is an award-winning and National Board Certified educator with 15 years of experience in education with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, one of the nation's 20 largest urban school districts located in Charlotte, NC. She served in multiple positions in CMS: classroom teacher, literacy facilitator, new teacher support coordinator, and Southeast Learning Community coordinator, with 10 years of experience as an instructional coach. In her free time, you can find her playing with her two boys, reading, and working out.

Session Presentation

Title: The Coach’s Role in a Professional Learning Cycle

Deming’s continuous improvement cycle: Plan-Do-Check-Act guides much of our professional learning cycles as educators. But what is the instructional coach’s role when teachers are in this cycle? How does a coaching stance differ in its tandem design? In this session, we will explore the parallel stance a coach takes when teachers are in a PDCA cycle and how to teach, support, reflect and advise to impact professional learning outcomes. A key takeaway will be how to use these stances to create a safe and supportive learning environment while also holding teachers accountable for implementing professional learning. Because our society expects teachers to be near-perfect and often teachers expect that of themselves, they miss out on the follow-through and safe practice needed to implement professional learning. Rather than try and fail, they fall back on habits and processes that they feel confident about. Implementing this coaching cycle removes the pressure of being perfect and instead supports safe practice with support. Participants will leave this work session with a coaching cycle plan that is applicable to any professional learning outcome.