Linda Rhyne


Stop Asking “What would I do?” and Coach More Effectively

About Linda Rhyne

Linda Rhyne is the owner of Linda Rhyne Consulting and founding president of The Reading League North Carolina. Linda is an award-winning educator with over 16 years of experience, in education including Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, one of the nation's 20 largest urban school districts located in Charlotte, NC. She has over 10 years of instructional coaching experience and believes everyone deserves a coach.


Stop Asking “What would I do?” and Coach More Effectively

When we move into an instructional coaching role, our job is to build the capacity and increase the effectiveness of those who we coach. But too often, coaches focus on what WE would do after visiting a classroom instead of thinking about what the teacher did and might do to improve. This approach is less effective and can be off-putting to the teachers we coach. In a coaching position, it is no longer about us, it is about the people we support. In this session, we will discuss actionable ways that coaches can shift their thinking from a “What would I do?” mindset and instead begin asking, “What could this teacher do?” Participants will leave prepared to make this shift to teacher-centered thinking and preparation, ready to increase their coaching effectiveness.

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