About LaNesha

LaNesha Tabb is an apron donning educator from Indianapolis, Indiana with 15 years of teaching and professional development experience.

LaNesha is the content creator behind Education With An Apron where she creates fresh and innovative teaching resources. What exactly is Education With An Apron? It is a collection of teaching resources, courses, and professional development, specifically in writing and social studies from a primary educator. It is designed for Educators who desire to think out of the box through rigorous, and globally connected resources, books, and ideas.

LaNesha has worked with thousands of educators across the United States through conferences and custom professional development sessions. LaNesha specializes in helping primary educators master their writing block and teaching culturally relevant social studies topics.

Session Presentation

Title: Writing For The Win

Writing can be an intimidating task for students. It's a complex task that requires vision, planning, execution, and revision. How can we get our learners to create quality pieces of writing independently? In this training, LaNesha share a framework that is guaranteed to help teachers produce writing pieces without looking to the adult every step of the way. Students will not only internalize the writing process but will also be given the tools to move along the process independently. Using this framework, educators will be freed up to coach and assess the craft of writing as students take off on their own, improving their literacy skills with each writing piece.