Lakisha Redmond


Igniting Learning: Crafting Dynamic Lesson Plans for Empowered Teaching

About Lakisha Redmond

Lakisha Redmond is a dedicated and passionate elementary educator with 17 years of experience. She believes in setting high expectations for her students and empowering them to see themselves as capable of achieving excellence. With a focus on culturally responsive teaching and intentional lesson planning, Lakisha creates inclusive and engaging learning environments that celebrate the unique identities and backgrounds of her students. As a mentor, she provides guidance and support to teachers, helping them develop their instructional practices and make a positive impact on student success. Lakisha's commitment to collaboration and strong home connections further enhances the educational experience for all involved.


Igniting Learning: Crafting Dynamic Lesson Plans for Empowered Teaching

School today looks very different from when I began teaching 17 years ago, and I have learned that engaging students in the learning process is more important than ever. "Igniting Learning: Crafting Dynamic Lesson Plans for Empowered Teaching" empowers educators to create engaging and impactful lesson plans. Every student brings their unique identity to the classroom, and it's our responsibility to nurture it. We'll recognize the importance of student identity in the learning process and explore strategies for incorporating culturally responsive teaching practices. Additionally, we'll discuss how to promote skill development through differentiated instruction. I'm excited to share these strategies and support you on your journey to becoming an even more effective instructional coach.

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