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Hanging Math Out to Dry: Using K-6 Clotheslines to Build Number Sense

About Kristen Acosta

Kristen Acosta has been a math educator for over 25 years. She has taught TK-8 math as both a classroom teacher and a district math coach.  As a math coach, Kristen found her calling in supporting other teachers.  She has published several articles for nationally recognized magazines such as The Communicator and Edutopia. Additionally, Kristen was nominated for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics. Kristen’s work with math routines such as 3 Act tasks and Clothesline Math has been featured  at Mashable Math, Math Before Breakfast , Edutopia, Grassroots Workshops, Debate Math (episode 9) and Ready Set Growth. She was featured in the California Educator.  Kristen continues giving presentations, nationally and internationally, at various math conferences.  

Kristen’s true passion is to have students as well as teachers realize that math can be innovative, engaging, and purposeful. The best math practices don’t necessarily have to come from a textbook. Math should be about active learning, conversation, and exploration.


Hanging Math Out to Dry: Using K-6 Clotheslines to Build Number Sense

Do you know that number line appears in the standards more than 26 times? This workshop is designed to explore how the clothesline (an open number line) creates the opportunity for all students to engage in discourse that promotes the development of number sense. Participants will investigate how this tool is utilized in grades K-6

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