Katie Burley and Casey Tody


Learning Walks: Fostering a collaborative approach to professional development


About Katie

An ESL teacher by trade, this is my 5th year serving as an instructional coach in a middle school. I feel so lucky to do what I do. Walking alongside teachers, as they learn and grow, and being their cheerleader as they feel pride and joy, it is such a fabulous place to be. I believe every teacher deserves someone who believes in them, and sees them for the best version of themselves. That's what coaching is to me, and I'm so grateful to serve in that role.


About Casey

Hi! I'm Casey Tody, and I have been an Instructional Coach for five years at a middle school in Minnesota. I started my journey in education as a Spanish teacher, later expanding my role as the AVID teacher and coordinator. These experiences laid the foundation for my passion for teaching and learning. I believe that our teachers are the heart of our school community and I thoroughly enjoy learning alongside my colleagues through coaching conversations on a variety of topics.


Learning Walks: Fostering a collaborative approach to professional development

Discover the magic of teaming up for professional growth with Learning Walks in this exciting session tailored for instructional coaches in schools.

In today's ever-changing educational world, it's crucial to keep adult learning going strong. Learning Walks offer a game-changing way to blend professional growth with making our school environment even better.

This session will dive into the heart of Learning Walks, highlighting the importance of creating a culture where teachers learn from each other. Consider it personalized professional development. Together, we'll explore how to use Learning Walks to boost professional development and collaboration in schools.

During the session, we will present the procedures and tools for how to implement this process at your site, including tips on setting up observations, sparking meaningful conversations, and tapping into different viewpoints to make teaching even better.

By the end, the hope is that you leave with tools needed to begin setting up learning walks tomorrow. You'll be all set to foster a culture of teamwork and constant growth, setting your school up for long-term success.

Come join us on this journey to reinvent professional development with Learning Walks! Let's unlock the full potential of our colleagues and create amazing learning experiences for teachers, that benefit our students. We can't wait to dive into this journey with you!

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