Kate Koch and Dr. Courtney Orzel


Unsupervised Leadership 

About Kate

Kate Koch is the principal of River Valley School and has held positions as a principal, assistant principal, and teacher. She regularly presents to aspiring principals in the field and has been highlighted as an Educator to Watch through North Central Education Department. Kate is the co-host of the top 10% rated education podcast, Unsupervised Leadership.

About Courtney

Dr. Courtney Orzel is the Associate Director for Professional Development for the Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA) and has held positions as a superintendent, middle school principal, assistant principal, and teacher.  Dr. Orzel has been honored with national recognition from AASA as a finalist for the Women in Leadership Award and leads the IASA SuperWomen initiative in Illinois. She was named IASA’s South Cook Superintendent of Distinction in 2020 and currently leads workshops, keynotes, and administrators; academies reaching thousands of educators across the country and is the co-host of the top 10% rated education podcast, Unsupervised Leadership.


Unsupervised Leadership

Leadership is not easily defined because it is rooted in human qualities and characteristics; education is a people-driven profession, yet there is a beauty of balancing technical leadership with adaptive leadership, which is no easy task. There is no “rule book” to leadership; however, we assert that a benefit of this presentation is to learn about being “unsupervised” and how new-age leadership can actually create stability, encourage confidence, and enhance professionalism throughout an ever-changing educational environment. 

The final and perhaps most important benefit of this presentation is a practical, tangible, entertaining, and REAL way of assessing yourself as a leader while building your confidence, facing your fears, and elevating others around you. All leaders will benefit from this presentation and will be able to apply the strategies and suggestions in their everyday work and lives.

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