About Julie

My name is Julie Pecoraro. This is my 19th year in Education. I spent 17 years in the classroom teaching grades from kindergarten-5th grade. I spent one year as a Differentiation Specialist/Instructional Coach. I loved Coaching so much that for the past 2 years I have been an Instructional Coach at West Oak Middle School, Diamond Lake School District 76. My role as and Instructional Coach also consists of implementing and facilitating PLC weekly Meetings. In these meetings we are able to share best practices, strategies, model lessons, co-plan, and do Data Dives. I love what I do and love to share!

Session Presentation

Title: Implementing Programmatic Change with Quick Results

In this session, I will talk about how to implement program changes with quick results. By using student data and feedback to make informed learning decisions to coach teachers through program changes in Literacy and Writing. The first step is the reality of where our students are academically and how to collaboratively know where and how to start. By understanding Data and leading teachers through Data Retreats we work together to problem-solve ways to understand where students have deficits and how we can meet them where they are at and find ways for students to be successful and show academic growth in a short timeframe.

As an instructional coach, we need to be the agent of positive change and empower our teachers to collaborate and make changes based on data to grow our students academically. By having a positive and respectful coach/teacher relationships in place we can work collaboratively to make the necessary changes in programs and curriculum. Instructional Coaches are teacher leaders who model, support, research, and co-plan with teachers to help with academic success and growth. I will share how to take the initiative for change to obtain teacher buy-in and how to get the support needed from Administration for academic growth in a quick turnaround.