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Using Right Data: Data-based decision-making by design, not by default.

About Jana Lee

Proud founder of New Jersey's first proposed all-girls, district, public school, Jana Lee has spent the last 15 years surrounding herself with forward-thinkers in the educational space. As educator, leader, adjunct instructor, literacy specialist, and Executive Director of Jana Lee Consulting, LLC, Jana has gained valuable insight into the significance of collaboration, strategic partnerships, and data-driven approaches for effecting transformative changes within education.

Jana, who will complete her Doctor of Philosophy in Reading, Language, and Literacy in Spring, 2024, continues to be most impressed by the people who work in and support our schools- the ultimate champions of student learning.


Using Right Data: Data-based decision-making by design, not by default.

Research demonstrates that instructional leaders face challenges with data-based decision-making. By not having received appropriate training, overwhelm and limited time stem from data overflow, too many data instruments to choose from, and lack of teacher buy-in. As a result, data-driven decisions are often based on the default processes already established within the school community.

A deliberate, low-prep, and sustainable approach to effective and shared data-driven decisions is not only needed but is possible. In this workshop, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage Right Data at the classroom level to engage in streamlined data-collection processes at the building or district level. Specifically, they will:

1. Learn the Check for Understanding formula, a framework for effective in-class assessment practices.

2. Acquire a protocol for using Check for Understanding data to monitor progress and align with Professional Learning Communities (PLC) goals.

3. Identify steps to align PLC data with building and/or district goals.

By mastering the systematic gathering, analysis, and interpretation of the Right Data, instructional leaders can confidently engage in purposeful decision-making to address achievement gaps.

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