About Eva

Eva Mireles is a Reading Specialist and Instructional coach who helps teachers cut through the literacy noise and figure out what their students need most right now. She helps teachers confidently deliver instruction in every part of their reading block without stress and overwhelm. She has helped teachers perfect their craft and see new ways to approach teaching reading concepts that fits their personal teaching style.

Eva has been awarded new teacher of the year and educator of the year awards and has taught grades 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. She enjoys her current role as instructional coach and reading specialist, supporting students and teachers in grades K-5. She is also a podcaster and TPT author.

Session Presentation

Title: Going beyond the lesson plan

In this session, we will discuss how to coach teachers to go beyond the lesson plan. Often times we spend a lot of time talking about the what needs to be taught in a PLC that we leave out the how. If we do get to the how it revolves around resources outside the teacher and teachers don't know how to vet the resource or how to make it work for them and their teaching style. Let me show you how to help teachers go beyond the lesson plan.