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Refining the Craft


About Dr. Valerie Ayers

Dr. Valerie Ayers is currently serving as an Assistant Principal of Instruction at the high school level in South Carolina. Prior to her current role, she served as an instructional coach, English teacher, assistant athletic director, and softball coach. Valerie holds both a Doctorate and Education Specialist degree in Educational Leadership along with a Masters in School Administration and Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education. As an instructional leader she believes in the power of supporting and mentoring teachers so they can best serve their students. To connect or find out more about her work, visit her blog On Deck Teaching at



Refining the Craft

With ESSER funds sunsetting, the need to continue strengthening tier 1 instruction is high. This session supports instructional execution by focusing on how instructional leaders can support teachers in the instructional planning process. Leaders will learn how to encourage teachers to view their planning as a craft that can constantly be defined and developed. Support for instructional planning will be framed in the context of a formal teacher evaluation system while emphasizing the attention to detail of the student experience. Participants will understand how consistent support, coaching, feedback, and professional development helps teachers refine their craft.


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