About Sheandra

Dr. Brown has worked in the field of education for over 20 years. ​She taught first and second grade for 18 years. She also worked as a Reading Interventionist for students in grades 3-6. In her current role as an Instructional Coach, Dr. Brown collaborates alongside classroom teachers in grades PreK-5. Not only is she a lifelong learner, but Dr. Brown also enjoys sharing her knowledge of effective instructional practices with both new and veteran teachers. She founded Intentional Instruction LLC in 2018 for the sole purpose of educational consulting work and motivational speaking. This led to the Intentional Instruction Blog and Podcast where Dr. Brown discusses topics important to the field of education. Her targeted audience has always been parents, educators, and other key stakeholders. While the motto for Intentional Instruction LLC is "Educating with Purpose", the mantra is to Educate, Uplift, and Inspire!

Session Presentation

Title: Let's Talk Data: Using Reflective Conversations to Improve Instruction

Discussions about data open the door of opportunity to focus on student achievement. While we recognize the various types of data that schools and school districts collect on a regular basis, it really comes down to the way data is used and those action steps taken through effective planning; these things ultimately lead to desired outcomes. In this session, I will talk about how I use a protocol for analyzing data both descriptively and inferentially. When discussing data in PLC meetings at my school, I take teachers through a Notice and Wonder process.

I have been using this protocol for the last two years and have found it to be extremely valuable in terms of teachers being more reflective about their instructional practices. I have also found that when working with a teacher during a coaching cycle they have become more data-informed. This is especially true when they set an instructional goal that has a high impact on student growth. If you are a new coach and would like to learn more about leading data discussions during a PLC meeting, I encourage you to join this session as I guide you through the Notice and Wonder data process!