Dr. Kim Richardson


Building Blocks for Intentional Conversations 

About Dr. Richardson

Dr. Kim Richardson, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), serves as the Chief Strategic Consultant at Keep Rising. Presently, she holds the positions of Induction and Development Director and Cultural Competence Leader at Hampton City Schools in Virginia.

Dr. Richardson is the innovative mind behind the Instructional Coaching Group Radical Learners Course: "Coaching for Connection, Certainty, and Autonomy." Her remarkable work within Hampton City Schools has been featured in Jim Knight's influential book, "Focus on Teachers."

As a strategic conversationalist, Dr. Richardson places a strong emphasis on nurturing leaders with the essential skills of effective communication. Her passion lies in fostering growth, guiding personal development, and steering individuals toward their aspirations.

Her enthusiasm is driven by the insights garnered from her dissertation, which explores the recruitment and development of leaders, particularly coaches. Throughout her 28-year educational journey, she has worn many hats including a range of positions within central offices, with her favorite among them being that of an Instructional Coaching Coordinator. She has also served as an elementary school principal, a technology curriculum instructional specialist, and a devoted elementary classroom teacher.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Kim Richardson cherishes quality time with her husband, three sons, her daughter in law and her new granddaughter! On Saturdays, you can find her teaching Zumba® fitness classes and losing herself in the joy that dance brings her!


Building Blocks for Intentional Conversations 

Building Blocks for Intentional Conversations will unveil the essential elements that form the foundation of meaningful and purpose-driven conversations. Gain insights on the intricate art of intentional conversations that empower both coaches and educators alike.

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