About Kaitlyn

Hello! My name is Dr. Kaitlyn Caudill and I am an instructional coach with Harnett County Schools in Lillington, NC. Throughout my eight years in education, I have worked as a special education teacher, STEM Lab teacher, STEM Coordinator, K-5 Instructional Coach, and now a 9-12 Instructional Coach. My education specialities include STEM education, EdTech, and differentiation. Connect with me on Twitter for access to STEM/Tech resources to use in your classrooms.

Session Presentation

Title: Pocket PD - Professional Development for Teachers, Anytime...Anywhere

Have your teachers expressed or shown a need for more practical teaching tools, but have limited time? This session might be a great learning opportunity for you! Oftentimes professional development is scheduled after school, during planning periods, or even during PLC time, which is completely impractical for teachers. At my school, I quickly realized that my teachers needed the opportunity to develop their teacher toolboxes, but at more convenient times. As a result I developed a professional development badge course for my staff. Teachers have the opportunity to work through different PD modules that are tailored to their specific needs, at their own pace. During this session, you will learn how to develop your own modules, how to create your own badges, and how to manage your badge page.