Dr. Jataune Jones and Dr. Sharae Brown


There Is No "I" In Coach: Empowering Collective Leadership to Foster Collaboration, Clarity, and Sustainable Success in Coaching


About Dr. Sharae Brown

Dr. Sharae N. Brown is a dedicated educator from Chesapeake with over 16 years of experience. She has worked as both a classroom teacher and an administrator in various Title I schools, gaining valuable insights into diverse student backgrounds. Currently, Dr. Brown serves as the Title I Program Administrator for Instructional Programs where she oversees the instructional coaches. Together with Dr. Jataune Jones, they've developed a district-wide coaching model to provide consistent and effective support to educators. Her commitment to a people-centric education has yielded positive outcomes, including enhanced student achievement, teacher retention, and strong community relationships.

About Dr. Jataune Jones

Dr. Jataune Jones, an accomplished educator with over two decades of experience as both a teacher and principal, currently holds the position of Director of Professional & Organizational Development. Her leadership radiates positivity, driven by her advocacy for a student-centered coaching model, which amplifies teacher effectiveness and propels student achievement to new heights. In collaboration with Dr. Sharae Brown, she takes the lead in pioneering the districtwide coaching model, refining practices to maximize their profoundly positive impact. Dr. Jones' expertise shines in the creation of tailored, job-embedded professional learning environments, empowering educators throughout the system. Her influence extends beyond teachers as she blazes a trail with a coaching model designed for leaders, recognizing their pivotal role in achieving organizational success.


There Is No "I" In Coach: Empowering Collective Leadership to Foster Collaboration, Clarity, and Sustainable Success in Coaching

Step into the realm of coaching excellence with your facilitators as we enter a world where confusion about coaching roles disappears into thin air. That's right, folks – no more "That's not what I do, that's what you do" shenanigans! Together, let's shout it loud and clear: There's no "I" in Coach! Dive into the COACH framework with us as we unravel the magic behind Courageous Leadership, Opportunities for Professional Learning, Alignment, Clarity, and the oh-so-vital Hang in There spirit. It's not just coaching; it's COACHing brought to life! In this lively session, we'll equip you with the tools and insights to implement a robust coaching model grounded in role clarity. Say goodbye to ambiguity and hello to sustainable success! Led by two dynamic educators with over 40 coaches under their wings, get ready to be empowered to lead with confidence.

So, grab your capes and get ready to unleash your coaching superhero within. With humor, insights, and a sprinkle of superhero magic, we'll prove to you that indeed, There's no "I" in Coach! Join us for an unforgettable journey towards coaching greatness.

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