About Crystal

Mrs. Crystal Ceresani is an elementary/middle school Assistant Principal in a rural school system in South Georgia. She still works as an instructional coach in addition to her assistant principal duties. Over the last 6 years of leadership and coaching, she's researched and supported deeper learning for all students by helping teachers dig into their standards, curriculum, data-driven planning, and teaching with intention. Crystal aspires to make an impact in education that ultimately benefits student achievement, and she knows the best way to create a change in how students learn is by changing how educators learn. It is her goal to continue to help teachers grow and to share ways to use data in the school and classroom to best know where students are and how to best reach them.

Session Presentation

Title: Digging Deeper into the ELA Standards with Your Teachers

In this session, we will go over some strategies to help your teachers really dig deep into the ELA standards. Teaching ELA is a huge task, so narrowing down exactly what needs to be taught and on what level is so important. The goals of this session will be for you to go back and guide your teachers in deconstructing their standards, looking at vertical alignment, and feeling like true masters of their standards. You will get strategies and tools that you can take back immediately to start digging deep into those standards.