About Chrissy

Every teacher deserves a coach, and every coach does too! This is what motivates Chrissy Beltran to show up every day to support instructional coaches in the hard work of growing schools. Chrissy started her educational work as an upper elementary teacher in El Paso, Texas. During her time as a classroom teacher, she started her blog, Buzzing with Ms. B, and sharing her resources on the site, Teachers Pay Teachers.

After teaching for nine years, growing her bank of practices and applying research -based learning in her own classroom, she was offered a coaching position at another elementary school. As an instructional coach, she supported teachers in implementing new learning, building routines that supported student learning, and improving their practice. She also created workshops and trainings for other instructional coaches in her district. As she grew as a coach and created tools to help her do her own job, she began to add resources for instructional coaches to her TpT store.

When she was expecting her first daughter in 2017, Chrissy decided to go rogue, leave her school, and focus her work on consulting, creating resources, and serving as a coach for coaches! Since then, she has grown her online coaching community through her podcast, Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast, which is available anywhere you listen to podcasts, as well as at her blog at buzzingwithmsb.com. The first season came out in 2020 and there are currently over 100 episodes!

Getting back into the groove after her second daughter was born in 2021 was a fun challenge, but the wheels are turning and Chrissy is adding a season three to the podcast! Every single podcast episode, resource, and course she creates is dedicated to building coaches who are confident, purposeful, and effective. Coaches deserve it!

Keynote Presentation

Title: Get Curious: Change Your School Culture One Question at a Time

Coaching can leave us feeling inadequate and ineffective. Their teachers are overwhelmed with their current responsibilities, there are way too many priorities, and building a coaching program seems like an impossible task. Trying to take it all on at once is going to make everyone feel even more frustrated! Instead, we can make small changes to your approach that will help you change your interactions, your relationships, and the culture of coaching at your school. Getting curious is the easiest and most impactful way to start coaching, even in small doses! Learn about what it looks like to use curiosity as a coaching tool, how to use it in tricky situations, and some of my favorite questions to change the trajectory of a dialogue!