About Casey

I am Casey Watts, Instructional Impact Coach and Consultant. I have been an educator for over 15 years as a classroom teacher, academic coordinator, adjunct professor, instructional coach, and educational consultant.

This is my "WHY" behind what I do: I envision collaborative learning communities in which the vast majority of educators are eager and inspired to come to work, feel validated and empowered while at work, and end each day with a great sense of purpose and fulfillment! I am on a mission to make this happen in as many schools as possible, regardless of my role as an educator. As an instructional impact consultant, I partner with schools to facilitate collaborative learning around HIGH IMPACT strategies so we can SOLVE THE PROBLEMS THAT PRODUCTS AND PROGRAMS AREN'T SOLVING!!

Session Presentation

Title: No More Pointless PLCs!! How to Lead Impactful Meetings

It's time to begin a meeting. A hush falls over the crowd. In typical fashion, one or two dedicated or boisterous members speak for the crowd. Perhaps every now and then a question is asked that you think could provoke some great conversation… and then it fizzles. The meeting ends. Little impact has been made. But you want more than this- you believe there can be POWER in these meetings. And you're RIGHT! PLCs and other meetings can make a significant impact IF they are led well. But this takes strategy and intentionality. Unfortunately, and more often than not, instructional leaders- both administrators and instructional coaches- are thrown into the wolves’ den with the highest hopes of leading well. But sometimes we just aren’t sure where to start- how do we lead a meeting in such a way that it MATTERS to our people. If we know that one of the greatest instructional impacts on student achievement is our ability to and our success in collaborating with colleagues, then we must take ownership of facilitating collaboration. After this session, you'll walk away with mindsets, strategies, and tools to lead and facilitate impactful meetings that cultivate collaboration in your people and an eagerness for more!