About Brittany

Brittany Hege is a math educator who has worked with students and teachers in both upper elementary and middle grades. She holds a master's degree in Elementary Mathematics Education and is passionate about helping teachers grow their understanding of the math concepts they teach. Brittany believes in the power of experiencing math through hands-on work and uses her platform, Mix and Math, to equip upper elementary teachers with the knowledge, resources, and confidence to inspire a generation of empowered math learners.

Session Presentation

Title: How to Plan Hands-On Math Lessons

While we know making math concrete is an essential part of building students’ conceptual understanding, it is not always clear how to use math manipulatives in a way that is rigorous, engaging, and develops the thinking needed to move beyond the use of manipulatives. In this session, we will discuss how to plan math lessons that have a specific learning target within a progression and use manipulatives in a way that supports the learning of all students. You’ll walk away from this session with strategies you can use to support your math teachers in planning hands-on lessons for any math concept.