About Becca

Becca Silver is the founder and CEO of The Whole Educator. She is a highly energetic and knowledgeable trainer who approaches leadership development with transformational coaching skills and strategies. Becca is a former educator, instructional coach, life coach and executive coach. Her training programs and customized one-on-one coaching work focuses on fostering teacher buy-in and bridging knowledge gaps between leadership and staff. She believes that, when coaching teachers, adult mindsets and motivations matter. We need teachers educating the whole child. And we need coaches impacting the whole educator.

Session Presentation

Title: Mindsets That Help Build Teacher Resilience

This school year has been tough on everyone in education. Teachers are feeling worn out and aren't sure what to do about it. The great news is, you can start to build their resilience even without any of your circumstances changing! Come take this workshop and learn how thinking differently can help your educators feel differently about their job.