About Anika

Creativity.Analysis.Communication. Those are the personal and professional pillars that Anika S. Jones, the Lead Consultant at Holistic Fluency, strives to uphold. As The Community Curator, Anika supports educators, individuals, and organizations in defining, developing, and demonstrating various levels of community with intentional, restorative mindsets. She seeks to build relational capacity; with the utmost focus being on promoting connectedness and collaboration through holistic strategies and practices. Led by Anika, Holistic Fluency Consulting is unique in that Social & Emotional Learning is merged with multiple perspectives of data; where each piece is a strategic component of the approach. It is throughout her work that insight, confidence, and efficacy are increased through development of self-awareness, communication, decision-making, advocacy, and service.

Session Presentation

Title: Mirrors and Echoes: Authentic Feedback is in the Building

In this session, we explore the concept of mirrors; what reflections are creating a horrific maze in our schoolhouses, what is glaring us in the face, and what appearances have been distorted. Then, of course, the echoes are up next; what feedback is going unanswered, who/what spaces serve as sounding boards, and what kinds of reverberations are perpetually ricocheting down the hallways. If we identify these challenges and concerns, then we need to address them. Therefore, we expound with simple adjustments to make so that the mirrors don’t progress from cracked to shattered and so that the echoes cease. During this session, participants will be challenged to shift their mindsets regarding overall behaviors, definitions, and understanding of community and collaboration within varied contexts.