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Articulating the VALUE of Coaching

About Angela Kelly Robeck

Angela Kelly is the creator of The Empowered Principal Podcast and The Empowered Principal Collaborative. She’s also the author of The Empowered Principal. A former teacher, instructional coach, principal, and district administrator, Angela has over 25 years of experience in education and is the founder and CEO of Angela Kelly Coaching. As a certified life and leadership coach, she teaches school leaders how to create exceptional results and enjoy the school leadership experience.


Articulating the VALUE of Coaching

One of the challenges that coaches face is conveying the value of coaching. It can be difficult to put into words the work you do as coaches and how it creates a positive impact for teachers, students, and administrators. Some people understand the value coaching provides and utilize it to the fullest extent while others are not as clear on the benefits of coaching and are less likely utilize coaching as a means to solve problems and improve their experience as a teacher. How does a coach convey the value of the work they provide? I'll show you how in this session on Articulating the Value of Coaching.

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