About Angela

Angela Harkness is a Coach, ELD Consultant, Professional Developer, and Teacher in the Portland area. She earned her MEd from the University of Portland with an endorsement in Reading. She has spent the last 16 years as an educator in 4 schools across 3 districts. Angela’s fondest memories of teaching come from the years spent as a 6th grade teacher attending outdoor school in the rainy PNW. She is a wife and the mother of 2 spirited children, and spunky silver lab. On weekends or evenings you can find Angela dancing in the kitchen with her husband and two kids or outdoors somewhere in the PNW with her family.

About Lindsay

Lindsay Deacon is a School Improvement Coach and Professional Learning Facilitator in Portland, Oregon. She earned her Master’s in Teaching and Master’s in Education & Administration from Concordia University, with a focus on urban and diverse school environments. Lindsay has worked under Dr. Jim Knight’s leadership on his Instructional Coaching team and on Professor John Hattie’s Visible Learning team at Corwin Press. Outside of her professional work, Lindsay’s greatest passions are exercising and rereading A Game of Thrones. She also impersonates flight attendants from time to time.

Workshop Presentation

Title: Overcoming Obstacles as a Coach

Have you missed a classroom observation because you were asked to substitute teach? Been assigned to “fix” a teacher? Had a teacher who chronically cancels meetings? Are teachers (and possibly even your principal) confused about what you actually do as a coach? You are not alone! Come join us to talk about what to do when things aren’t going as planned. We will discuss a wide variety of tactics for overcoming obstacles that frequently prevent a coach from helping others improve, all while embracing the irregularities, idiosyncrasies, and even absurdities of working with adults. With the right guidance, even the difficult parts of coaching can be an exciting journey for those who truly want to impact the learning of teachers and students!