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Avoiding Leadership Pitfalls

About Principal Rahh

Principal Rahh is a visionary educator and the founder of K12 Crypto (K12C), a groundbreaking edtech startup dedicated to reshaping the future of education. Born and raised in Compton, California, Principal Rahh has made significant contributions to the field of education throughout his career.

As an award-winning founding principal of University Pathways Public Service Academy, Principal Rahh's commitment to excellence led to transformative changes in school culture and restorative justice practices. His passion for empowering students and unlocking their hidden potential has been widely recognized.

In addition to his work as a school leader, Principal Rahh is an Amazon best-selling author, with his book "Revolutionary School Culture: The 6 Principles of Unlocking Your School's Hidden Treasure" inspiring educators globally. He is also a sought-after national speaker and consultant, sharing insights on topics ranging from data-driven education to fostering positive school cultures.

Principal Rahh's latest endeavor, K12 Crypto (K12C), is poised to revolutionize the educational system. Through the Knowlej app, K12C empowers students to learn and earn digital assets, including NFTs, gift cards, stocks, and even Bitcoin. This visionary leader is on a mission to bring "learn to earn" opportunities to schools worldwide, ensuring students can fund their future and embrace innovative learning experiences.

Principal Rahh is also the founder of Revolutionary Education, an education consulting firm, and Compton Legacy Academy, a groundbreaking preschool that integrates K12C/Knowlej software, furthering his commitment to revolutionize education.

Join Principal Rahh at the summit to explore the future of education and discover how his innovative initiatives are shaping the way we learn and earn.


Avoiding Leadership Pitfalls

Join Principal Rahh as he presents the 5 biggest obstacles you will face in transforming your school and the steps you can take to overcome them. From this session, Leaders can better equip themselves with strategies and behaviors which will allow them to make a deeper impact with their staff, teachers, and students so they can create a school focused on helping teachers and students alike.

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