Alison Jalufka


Growing Educators to Lead Professional Learning Communities

About Alison Jalufka

Alison Jalufka is a teacher, instructional coach, and PLC Coach with over 15 years of experience in education. In her current role, Alison is an Instructional Coach at an elementary school in Texas. Her passion is to help educators strive for high levels of learning for ALL students in their classroom. Alison coaches educators to reach their full potential through strategic goal setting. She has experience as a data coach, instructional specialist, mentor of new teachers, learning facilitator, and school leader. Alison is a lifelong learner and is always immersing herself in the latest educational research. Alison lives with her husband Brian and their 3 children on a small farm in Texas. One of her favorite things to do is take care of their chickens and raise baby chicks.


Growing Educators to Lead Professional Learning Communities

It is important to grow the capacity of educators so that they feel confident to lead their own Professional Learning Communities. This session will give ideas and strategies on how to coach and grow educators on your campus to lead PLCs. We want our PLC Teams to be successful even when the campus instructional leaders are not around.

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